exZACKtaMOUNTas (ex·ZACK·ta·MOUNT·as)

Hey, my name is ZACK MOUNT, I make the exZACKta MOUNTas, Nice To MEETchas! Crafty Hemp Dealing is my specialty, I can make anything and everything! Custom Made Jewelry, great prices for great products. It all depends how much custom has been put into it! I have thought long and hard about what the name of my business should be and some people may find it repulsive and unethical. Yet, I love the name because it has a good ring to it and everyone can easily remember my name and the name of the business. It’s called exZACKta MOUNTas Crafty Hemp Dealing! I think the abstract idea that I have come up with is top of the line. There is a hole in the hemp industry in the entire United States as well as the area that I live in. The business that I am interested in is Custom Jewelry Making also known as Crafty Hemp Dealing!


1) What is it that you are going to sell or offer? •The hemp items that I sell and offer consists of, but are not limited to: hemp necklaces, hemp ankle bracelets, hemp bracelets, hemp key chains, hemp guitar straps, hemp or clay rings, hemp hats, hemp belts, hemp suspenders, hemp purses, clay beads, winter apparel aka yarn hats, yarn scarves, yarn ear warmers, yarn head bands, yarn neck warmers, yarn leg warmers, and yarn arm warmers and many more to come. All Different Sizes and All Different Colors! 2) Who is your target market? What are the characteristics of your average customer that are important in shaping the way you do business? •My target market can really be anyone from any background as well as any age, all the way from just being born to somebody who has a century of life with them. These products can be for all the men, the women, the boys and the girls across the entire globe. One main characteristic the average customers already have or have to have is an open mind to accept new custom made jewelry that is made out of hemp or yarn. Some of these items are one of a kind or it’s the first time anybody has seen items like these. Each product is made with great craftsmanship. 3) Where is your target market? •My target market can literally be everywhere for everyone of all ages. Right now since I live in Paris, Tennessee my target market is going to be everywhere around the Paris area. I travel back and forth across the areas of Tennessee.