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Green Power Solar Panel is a local business in Paris, TN & has portable 5Watt & 8Watt solar panels available!

5Watt Solar Panels $75
8Watt Solar Panels $110
USB LED Lightbulb $5

Solar Panel: 5W
High Efficiency: 18.5%
Output: 5V/1A
Output Interface: USB
Size: 9in x 8in x 1.25in
Weight: 4.27 ounces
Patriot Fuel 6000 mAh battery pack
2 USB Ports:

Solar Panel: 8W
High Efficiency: 18.5%
Output: 5V/1.6A
Output Interface: USB
Size: 14.75in x 7.75in x 1.25in
Weight: 7.71 ounces
LimeFuel L156X PRO 15600 mAh
LED Flashlight
2-in-1 Micro USB Power Cable
4 USB Ports:



The benefits & uses for solar panels now a days is widespread. Most everything can be charged by USB ports and can be recharged fast.

Some of the Advantages, Important Information & FAQ’s of the Green Power Solar Panel can be found below!



Semi Flexible

Ideal For:

Power Your Fun
5 Watt Power or 8 Watt Power
2 Hours Phone Charge (Sometimes way faster)
1 Year Warranty


Former CIA Insider: U.S. Govt Fears Its Veterans

Obama authorizes use of National Guard to fight Ebola in West Africa. He signed the executive order Thursday afternoon, permitting the Pentagon to use the reservists and Guard troops.

‘President Barack Obama authorized the Pentagon to call up members of the National Guard and other military reserve units on Thursday to help combat the spread of Ebola in West Africa.

Obama said the guardsmen would “augment the active forces in support of Operation United Assistance, providing humanitarian assistance and consequence management related to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in the West Africa region” in a letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio), the Hill reported.
– See more at:………

The Black Sheep Billionaires Strike Back

Former CIA insider breaks down the split off of elitists who don’t want to see humanity destroyed and are trying to implement
a livable wage to sustain a global balance.……

Former CIA Insider: Ebola is The Perfect Storm

Particularly troubling is the US refusal to mobilize and deploy hospital ships to the coast of West Africa at the same time that the EU and NATO are completely lacking in deployable capability. We will not be surprised if a Cuban medical brigade shows up with financial support from the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

A portion of this incompetence may stem for a desire to pass tough quarantine powers easily abused in the future.

Ebola is airborne in some form (proven with animals), and survives outside the host under some conditions such as cold. A 21-day quarentine may not be enough.

85% of our nurses have not been trained and CDC continues to lies about necessary protection. [N-95 mask is good for .3 microns and above; Ebola is .08 microns].

Panic emergent — threat is over-hyped in USA but made worse by CDC malfeasance, it will hit Third World hardest. WHO Africa is incompetent to the point that some call for an emergency international task force (sending US troops is ill-considered — Hagel is as incompetent as Kerry — we are reminded of prior idiocy in sending 20,000 troops with their logistics needs into Haiti).………

Former CIA Insider: Obama’s Ebola Failure is Criminal Neglect

At the meta-level, the Ebola crisis is a perfect case study of why the UN (including the out-of-control Specialized Agencies such as the World Health Organization — WHO), the European Union (EU), and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) need their own internal intelligence (decision-support) capabilities, and how corrupt intelligence has become at the Member State level — the US, specifically, lacks intelligence with integrity on Ebola, and no one in the White House or Congress has the intelligence — or the integrity — to see this as “core.”

President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) incompetent to the point of impeachability. The Ebola “czar” joins the poverty, drug, and other “czars” in the White House compost heap. Missing in action — willfully — is the entire US Intelligence Community starting at the top [attention was paid — but policy effect has been lacking]. Firing NIH First Fraud “Dr.” Fauci would be a good first step.………

Medical Experts Warn of Forced Ebola Vaccinations

Incompetence and apathy combine in the Obama administration’s Ebola response, and Alex breaks it all down on this Sunday, October 19 edition of the Alex Jones Show. Obama golfed for nearly five hours on Saturday before having a meeting to discuss the Ebola pandemic in America, which wasn’t even attended by his new “Ebola Czar,” Ron Klain, who’s a Democratic operative with no medical experience. Klain was simply appointed to funnel million dollar deals to select insiders “aiding” in the Ebola response.……

Stop The Madness of King Barack

President Barack Obama’s new Ebola “czar” Ron Klain has skipped another White House meeting on the Ebola crisis, a readout of who attended a Saturday meeting with Obama shows.

Obama held the Ebola meeting after spending four hours and 40 minutes on the golf course at Fort Belvoir, according to the White House press pool report from the New York Daily News‘ Dan Friedman.

“The President on Saturday evening convened members of his national security and public health teams to update him on the response to the domestic Ebola cases,” the White House said in an email blast Saturday evening.……

Obama on Ebola Travel Ban: 2+2=5…
As calls grow louder for a travel ban to prevent flights or deny visitors from West Africa, President Obama remains opposed to blocking travel from the three Ebola outbreak countries.

Lawmakers have repeatedly used the phrase travel ban without defining it. A travel ban could take several forms, but all have challenges.

A flight ban would have no impact because there are no direct flights between the U.S. and Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Suspending visas would affect only citizens of those countries, but not thousands of health-care workers and military troops fighting the disease — even as two of the three patients diagnosed in the U.S. were nurses.

Obama and his health advisers argue that hindering travel would allow the outbreak to widen in West Africa as travelers seek ways to evade the official restrictions.…
After a CNN reporter asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest what experience “Ebola Czar” Ron Klain has with Ebola, Earnest said the White House wasn’t looking for an expert on Ebola.…

5 Yr Old Forced to Sign Non-Suicide Agreement For Drawing Gun

A Kindergartner in Mobile, Alabama was forced to sign a contract by school officials saying that she would not try to harm other people or commit suicide after she drew something that resembled a gun using a crayon.…

Humans Are the Virus, Ebola Is The Cure

For 50 years environmentalists have been promoting “The Gaia Theory” — the idea that the earth is a living organism and humans are a virus. Radical environmentalists have argued that as a virus or cancer, humans should be wiped out, preferably by a bio-engineered virus like Ebola.

PROOF: Feds Knew Ebola Would Hit U.S. in September

The President lied through his teeth when he told the country that experts “across our government” agree that America’s Ebola vulnerability was extremely low.…

America Will Be A Living Hell If Ebola Is Not Stopped

Alex Jones breaks down who will be the hardest hit by ebola and then David Knight takes the studio and answers your calls.…

U.S. Gov’t Has Ignored Every Possible Way To Contain And Stop Ebola

Alex Jones breaks down the continued seeming ineptness of our government and why it may be more than ineptitude helping the Ebola virus to spread.…

Breaking: UT Student on Ebola Watch

Austin, Texas, health officials are monitoring a University of Texas student for Ebola after the student flew on the airline with the second nurse infected with the disease, according to a local radio station.…

Whitehouse Admits Ebola Czar Knows Nothing About Ebola

Alex Jones discusses the news that the new Ebola Czar has no experience with and knows nothing about the Ebola virus.…

Stop Ebola: Strike Now!

Alex Jones takes calls and calls for a national strike against Ebola to get Obama to seal the borders and stop flights.…

Government Continues Eradication Of Free Speech

Alex Jones discusses the news and how the government continues to try and destroy the first amendment at every turn.…

A Way To Stop Ebola Discovered! is calling for a general strike across the United States in response to the federal government’s botched response to the Ebola outbreak and the Obama administration’s refusal to block flights coming in from West Africa.

We are calling on everyone to get behind the strike by tweeting under the hashtag #stopebolastrike and by personally participating in the general strike from Monday to Wednesday. We also invite other media outlets and media personalities to support the strike.

African Dictatorships Are Handling Ebola Crisis Better Than America

Alex Jones breaks down the latest news on Ebola including more new possible cases and why the government hasn’t yet done anything to stop the spread.…

Trendies Embrace Ebola

Alex Jones breaks down the current Ebola news and plays a report by Infowars reporter Joe Biggs where college students sign on to bring ebola patients into the U.S.…


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