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Green Power Solar Panel is a local business in Paris, TN & has portable 5Watt & 8Watt solar panels available!

5Watt Solar Panels $75
8Watt Solar Panels $110
USB LED Lightbulb $5

Solar Panel: 5W
High Efficiency: 18.5%
Output: 5V/1A
Output Interface: USB
Size: 9in x 8in x 1.25in
Weight: 4.27 ounces
Patriot Fuel 6000 mAh battery pack
2 USB Ports:

Solar Panel: 8W
High Efficiency: 18.5%
Output: 5V/1.6A
Output Interface: USB
Size: 14.75in x 7.75in x 1.25in
Weight: 7.71 ounces
LimeFuel L156X PRO 15600 mAh
LED Flashlight
2-in-1 Micro USB Power Cable
4 USB Ports:



The benefits & uses for solar panels now a days is widespread. Most everything can be charged by USB ports and can be recharged fast.

Some of the Advantages, Important Information & FAQ’s of the Green Power Solar Panel can be found below!



Semi Flexible

Ideal For:

Power Your Fun
5 Watt Power or 8 Watt Power
2 Hours Phone Charge (Sometimes way faster)
1 Year Warranty


Playlists by exzackta mountas


Joshua Thomas MCKENZIE
MCKENZIE, Joshua Thomas Age 22 of Leachville, AR and Murfreesboro, TN. Friday, July 2, 2010 in Murfreesboro. Josh was born August 18, 1987 in Jonesboro to Mitchell Thomas and Sheila Tipton McKenzie. He was a graduate of Henry County High School. He was an electrician but devoted most of his time to his true love, music. He was a songwriter and musician. Josh was an extraordinary guy with a free-spirit, laid back quality in his music and his personality. He breathed through his music and his music through him, letting his audience feel relaxed while they listened and received what the lyrics have to offer. He will be missed by all that knew him, but part of him will live on through his music, may it touch other’s lives as he did when he was among us. He is survived by his loving parents, Mitch and Sheila McKenzie of Leachville; devoted brother, Cody McKenzie of Leachville; maternal grandparents, Marvin and Mildred Tipton of Truman; paternal grandparents, Donald and Elwonda McKenzie of Truman; aunt, Beth and Roger Josam of Jonesboro; uncle, Gentry Tipton of Truman; a host of other relatives and dear friends. The family will receive friends Thursday from 3-8 p.m. at People of Praise UPC, 106 Tenth Street, Leachville. Funeral to follow with Bishop Jerry Johnson and Pastor Don Johnson officiating. Additional services will be held 2 p.m., Friday, July 9, 2010 at the Henry County Tabernacle of Praise, 8630 Reynoldsburg Road, Paris, TN with Rev. Dwight Turner officiating. Interment will follow in the Henry County Tabernacle Cemetery. HIGGINBOTHAM FUNERAL SERVICES, Walnut Ridge, AR, (870)
In this video: Amanda Rae DeMoville , Mark Springer , Emily Burkett , Britton Gream , Jacob Fry , Abby Sanders , Alana Catherine , Sam Allen , Chris Lowry , Josh Bright , Smyleigh Selby , Lindsey Thompson , Trinh Nguyen , Ross Little , Lauren B. Gregory , Harley Taylor , Adrian Garcia, Timothy Cate , Jillian Dixon , Matt Reynolds , Gina Antonini, Taylor Michael , Taylor Gibbs, Cody Eaton , Micheal Jordan , Zack Mount and Michael Thaler

Here is Josh Mckenzie’s Album –> Listen to this so you can really hear the powerfulness of his voice and his message!

01 Sarah Seen The Empathy

02 That Great and Terrible Day

03 The Lord Has Been Good

04 Occurance of the First Month

05 The Tower

06 Two Step

Hey everybody! It’s that time a year again to remember our friend Josh McKenzie! If y’all didn’t already know or see my post on here last August 2016, I told everybody about how I got my Youtube channel shut down, because of 3rd party notifications, which was a bunch of shiet!

Well ever since then I’ve been trying to get my old videos back up and running, but when I tried doing that my external hard drive messed up on me!! So now I can’t access 2TB of music, videos, pictures, etc!! So these past few months I’ve been emptying out my warehouse so I can find my DVD that goes with the external hard drive! #SMH Anyways, it’s taken me the last 2 months to go through every box, bag, and item that I have in there to try and locate it. Well we got pretty far and still have 2 boxes left and I swear to God I think it’s in the VERY LAST BOX I have to look into… So pray that it is! If it is, when I find it, I’ll redo the external hard drive and get the data off of it and put it onto a new one and start reposting all the videos of Josh McKenzie and the crew and get the links up here!

I tried my best to get it all done before July 2nd 2017 this year, but I couldn’t… I apologize. But none the less, not all the videos are gone. I have some on this page, Rest In Peace Joshua Thomas McKenzie some on my page Zack Mount, PLUS I have the SONGS on this page, unfortunately all the videos aren’t there!

So I’m going to go ahead and share all these posts again so we can remember Josh and his funny ways! Good Times! Let’s Smile, Laugh and Cry and remember all the good about his good spirit and what all he brought to this planet! #RaiseTheBar2017


Joshua Thomas MCKENZIE
MCKENZIE, Joshua Thomas Age 22 of Leachville, AR and Murfreesboro, TN.


Joshua Thomas MCKENZIE
MCKENZIE, Joshua Thomas Age 22 of Leachville, AR and Murfreesboro, TN.


Joshua Thomas MCKENZIE
MCKENZIE, Joshua Thomas Age 22 of Leachville, AR and Murfreesboro, TN.


Joshua Thomas MCKENZIE
MCKENZIE, Joshua Thomas Age 22 of Leachville, AR and Murfreesboro, TN.

Josh Mckenzie TWO STEP

Joshua Thomas MCKENZIE
MCKENZIE, Joshua Thomas Age 22 of Leachville, AR and Murfreesboro, TN.

Josh Mckenzie IT’S ONE OF THE DAYS

Joshua Thomas MCKENZIE
MCKENZIE, Joshua Thomas Age 22 of Leachville, AR and Murfreesboro, TN.

Josh Mckenzie THE TOWER

Joshua Thomas MCKENZIE
MCKENZIE, Joshua Thomas Age 22 of Leachville, AR and Murfreesboro, TN.

Josh Mckenzie DON’T GO TO MEXICO

Joshua Thomas MCKENZIE
MCKENZIE, Joshua Thomas Age 22 of Leachville, AR and Murfreesboro, TN.

Don’t Go To Mexico

Joshua Thomas MCKENZIE
MCKENZIE, Joshua Thomas Age 22 of Leachville, AR and Murfreesboro, TN.


This was an Amazing Afternoon enjoying the weather. I believe Timothy and I were Trying to do some Homework & started getting tired. Josh was singing in the background the whole time and Jeremy was practicing his brass. They were blending all kinds of music and then they began to sing Wagon Wheel. I turned on the camera and began to record. i Love this video because We jammed out for 20 minutes or more with that Kiss Me song Josh Mckenzie remixed. Top of the Line music.
Unfortunately the camera on computer must have just turned off after a bit, so I was only able to film 3 minutes… And DANG it was Right when we started getting real good


This was done only One time As A Band, T R L A F T C, and Damn did I Like this Version of the Song. If My voice Wasn’t so Raspy I could have Sang it Like Frank Sinatra Or Something haha. Even so, GREAT song and love how this SOundS

You Sure Are Pretty

With His Amazing Guitar Playing and Me Beatboxin’, Josh Mckenzie & I, exZACKtaMOUNTas, Are collaborating! I wish WE could have done a lot More of these. I loved how Me & him sounded when We did the songs this way!!!


ME ANd Josh JAMMin’ Doin it TO IT! Breaking it DOWN AS USUAL! and CRaig is singin’ too, Plus we got about 15 or 20 people in front of US!!  I KNow we could tear DA Roof OFF if we played this song somewhere!!!


I Luv this SONG! I could hear this on REpeat ALL day LONG!!

Jammin’ Intro -The ROGER LOCKE & FRANK THOMAS Collective

We had da WHOLE Living Room Set Up! HAHA This is The ROGER LOCKE & FRANK THOMAS Collective Practicing!

Weed In Yo Boots

THis was A night back in da Day when Me and Josh were dranking sum OOwweee Goddamn! and kickin it WIT da LADIES! We wanted to hear them sing so we decided to DO a FReestyle! Da ladies wanted to SIng about Boots,, But I said Hell NAw! WE’re gunna Sing bout SUm Killer Weed! THEN Josh said TImes UP thats it! ITs not a Freestyle if YALL Plan it Out like this…
SO I hit da record button and JOSH started playing da SOng! ANd da only thing I COULD think to SAY was YOU got My weed In YO BOOTS!! HAHAH SO this is a CLASSIC!

I’ll Fly Away

I’ll Fly AWAY!
I love this song!! Josh used to sing this song all da time, and I could never rememba the name of it or get a good recording of him singing da whole song. So we did this video so i could get a somewhat good sample of it. BUT Damn my voice sounds bad and i don’t know da words, But Josh makes it sound amazing!!!

Orchids Blues

I got MY last LADYFRIEND sum ORCHIDS and wrote a Poem bout and TOLD JOSH to PUT sum BLUES spin on it!! AND OOWWEE DAMN! THIS SOUNDS BADasss


Anotha poem I wrote with JOSH putting SUM 4real FUNKY Jazz 2 IT!! DAMN I swear he”S got STACKS of DAT NAtural TALENT!

KyLeigh Smile for Me

This is an Old POEM i wrote bout a close LADYfriend of mine a LONG time ago and JOSH loved it! SO since this was da 1st time JOSH was hanging with Kyliegh he WANTED to Make her fall in LOVE wit HIM so I said lets just use this POEM and Throw Kylieghs name in it and BAM I think it’ll WORK
HE said HEll YEa and Ever since they’ve been together

Secret Love

MY secret Love! I almost forgot bout this song


I LUV this one

Another World

I can Feel It in YO ecstasy


I like this version 4sho, cuz Josh starts da song and we go back and forth singing it. Plus it’s one of my poems on a different rhythm then we usually do it :^D

Sarah Seen The Empathy

THis was a really cool night. Da ladies were singing songs cuz Josh started da night with this ONE. Man I love this song. It sounds great acoustic. ANd man I remember how Me and Him used to sing this, but i would add da upbeat tempo to it and BEatbox to it haha



This is exZACKly What You Need To Hear 2014!! by Zack Mount

Good Guys Lost 2Be sure to WAKE UP, #RaiseTheBar2014 & be willing to STAND UP for what you believe in! This song is very descriptive of what our country, the world, and all its people are in right now! This is a tiny segment of the Alex Jones show mixed with a beat I made!

Good Guys Lost 3TUNE IN EVERYDAY to the Alex Jones Show (LIVE @11am-2pm CST & (Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in to be the Resistance against the Globalists! We can win this INFOWAR! It is time we ALL stand up against these tyrants screwing this whole world over or we won’t have anything to stand up for!Good Guys Lost 4



One Possible Future Airstikes & Invasions 2Today in this day and age, Thermonuclear War is a very serious threat! In this video, I show an example of what it could look like on that awful day when we hear the sirens & Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) go off. We don’t know what that day will look like or who will be behind the attack. Keep in mind, our corrupt US govt could say it was the Russians & other foreign countries from Africa & the Middle East. In all actuality it could really just be the Elite Globalists who are running the entire thing and blaming it on those countries so their NEW WORLD ORDER plan will finally come to reality! Plus this could also be the biggest False Flag attack that ever was or will ever be! Real attacks killing real people, but all on a lie so the Globalists could get on with their fraudulent wars… A perfect war where they run both sides engineered by the Elite Globalists themselves.


We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny Contest
Written Narrated Edited Produced & Music by ZACK MOUNT
Crew Amanda Smith Daniel Hyberger

“You are also reminded that any ‘inappropriate’ remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest.” — TSA public announcement at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

One Possible Future TSA NSA 2The InfoWars Team says,
“The Transportation Security Administration and the National Security Agency are moving quickly to kill free speech in America.
These agencies want to silence any criticism aimed at them while they continue to violate our rights with impunity, yet criticism of our own government is the most protected freedom of expression by far.
They don’t like that.
Earlier this year, the NSA began shutting down t-shirt vendors under the guise of “copyright infringement” because the vendors dared to sell shirts denouncing the agency.
The NSA also engages in the ultimate suppression of free speech by recording all of your electronic communications.
You’ll no longer feel secure speaking openly because someone sinister is listening.
You won’t want to talk as much to your friends and family or say what you want to say on the phone, through e-mail or instant messaging. You may even be more careful with your on-line footprint to keep from getting ensnared in the NSA’s domestic dragnet.
The NSA is not only assaulting the Fourth Amendment but the First Amendment as well.
Meanwhile, the Transportation Security Administration is ensuring that airports across America are zones of total tyranny and Orwellian control.
You can now be arrested for just complaining or making jokes at the airport. If you dare tell a TSA agent “please don’t touch my privates” or “this line is too slow,” you can be arrested because you are simply a slave to the TSA.
Its menacing agents are already pulling passengers off of planes prior to flight because they dared to speak up about their treatment and service.
At the Phoenix airport, our very own film crew witnessed the TSA arrest a sandwich vendor for merely telling them that the agency was sweeping a plane, perhaps due to a bomb threat. He wasn’t arrested for a bomb threat; he was arrested because he said that someone else may have made a bomb threat!
The TSA is simply using color of law to make you believe free speech is a crime.
The agency tries to justify its suppression through the threat of al-Qaeda, a terrorist group our government openly supplies with arms, but the true intent of the TSA is to prepare the public for the next phase in America: complete martial law.
The airport screening process is conditioning the American people for checkpoints under paramilitary control.
With an imperious hatred for the Bill of Rights, both the NSA and the TSA are moving quickly to destroy our republic and our country. It is time for you to reassert your right to free speech and our new contest will allow you to do just that.”

HEMP SPEECH ‘To Persuade’



General Purpose:To persuade

Specific Purpose:To persuade my audience to vote for hemp

Central Idea: Today I am here to inform you about how Industrialized hemp should and finally be realized that it is not the same as its cousin Marijuana and should be grown so our country can benefit from all of it’s wide variety of uses.

Right TO GROW Outlining

I.In my last speech I informed you about what the industrialized hemp plant actually was. So today I am here to inform you about how Industrialized hemp should and finally be realized that it is not the same as its cousin Marijuana and should be grown so our country can benefit from all of it’s wide variety of uses.

A.For some odd reason at the federal level the plant is still considered illegal, but now some states are starting to realize it’s potential and allow it to be grown.

B.This plant can be used for thousands of different things. For example, it can be used as a deterrent against certain crop diseases, as well as make extremely nutritious food, long lasting durable clothing, bio-fuel and even cars.

C.We are in a new generation and must understand how much we can benefit from nature.

II.Chris Torres who writes for the Lancaster Business states that

A.North Dakota and Maryland are a few of the states that have started organizing against the government to allow farmers to grow industrialized hemp.

1.The farmers of North Dakota and the Agriculture Commissioner Roger Johnson believe that the government is treating them unfairly.

2.The state is trying to get applications approved to grow hemp as long as it is monitored constantly. But the downfall is that the DEA has to agree with Johnson or the farmers could face huge penalties.

3.Maryland passed a law way back in 2000 and is the only state in the Mid-Atlantic area to approve the controlled growing of hemp to replace the growing of tobacco.

B.It is ridiculous how many different easy ways everyone can benefit from this plant that is not the same as Marijuana. Here is only a few:

1.The plant has the potential to earn up to $250 per acre according to David Munsen, a state legislator and farmer of North Dakota.

2.Munsen also says that during the wet conditions the grain crops could get the disease called Fusarium head blight. If industrialized hemp became legal it could act as a deterrent and take out this disease.

3.This disease has cost the farmers over 1 billion dollars in lost profits over the late 1990s.

4.Not only that, but the plant can also make strong clothing and nutritious foods.

5.But when the hemp plant is understood it will help out in the food and clothing industry, as well as make bio-fuel, and even cars.

C.The new hemp act trying to be passed doesn’t seem to be understood and looks like it isn’t going to get passed according to the Oser Communication Group.

1.Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California vetoed the California Industrialized Hemp Farming Act in 2007 and something similar to it the year before.

a.This bill would have allowed the controlled growing of the non-psychoactive plant that can be used to produce car parts, fuel, clothing, and even food.

b.The crops would be officially tested to make sure that there wasn’t anymore then three tenths of one percent of THC in the plant.

2.It is still amazing that the plant is illegal to grow; yet we import the product more and more every year.

a.According to VoteHemp, imports from Canada of hemp foods have increased to 300 percent over the last 2 years.

b.It is strange how over 30 industrialized nations grow and import industrialized hemp to the United States.

III.So it seems that today the DEA is the only thing stopping these hemp acts from going through although the people and farmers are for it.

A.The first step is to make sure everyone becomes informed about how Marijuana has over 20 % THC levels in it and industrialized hemp has only tenths of 1%.

1.Marijuana cannot be hidden or grown in the same fields as hemp. This has been one of the DEA’s main excuses for why we can’t grow it, because they’re afraid some farmers might throw in a few rows of Marijuana.

2.The states have the right idea and we must fight the unfair restrictions the government has placed over us.

B.Just to recap a few things that hemp can help us with:

1.Great healthy nutritious food, strong long lasting clothing, it could be used as a type of bio-fuel, and even car parts.

2.Plus, the farmers could use it as a deterrent to fight against certain crop diseases.

3.Not to mention how much money can be made from growing this plant as well. It could help individuals, plus I’m sure we could tie it into helping out the economy.

C.We are a new generation and must stand up together and fight for the right to grow this amazing plant.

1.It comes from nature and is a non-psychoactive drug that could bring pure profit to anyone as well as cut back on the loss of profit in the agriculture department.

2.We can use the plant in thousands of different ways and its time for a change.


Lancaster Farming

Gourmet News


Bio Gas Company ltd

Hemp Seed Shop




General Purpose:To Inform

Specific Purpose:To inform my audience about hemp

Central Idea:Today I would like to inform you about the history of hemp, how much of a necessity it used to be to the entire whole world and how the United States used it in the early days but has also banned it before.


I.Estimates range as high as 50,000 for the number of products that could be made from hemp fiber, aka hemp cannabis oglalas.

II.Hemp is the common term for the industrial use of the Cannabis plant.

A.It has a low level of THC and a high level of CBD.

B.That makes it completely opposite from its cousin marijuana

III.It can make anything from rope, clothes, and all the way to canvas sails. It can almost be made for anything and has been for thousands of years

IV.Today I would like to inform you about the history of hemp and how much of a necessity has been to the entire whole world.

(Transition:  Let’s start with where it came from and how it was used in the early days.)


I.“Cannabis hemp probably evolved in northern China.  It was the first fiber plant to be cultivated there at the dawn of society.”

A.Hemp has been one of mankind’s greatest allies and has been used ever since its discovery.

1.Asians used the hemp for ropes, shoes, early forms of paper and of course clothes.

2.This continued throughout time until the medieval era in Germany and Italy when hemp was used in food dishes, such as pies, soups, and tortes

B.Later on in Europe, hemp is a huge naval factor and became known as European hemp.

1.It was used on many explorers’ ships, for example Christopher Columbus and Napoleon himself.

(Transition:  Now that you know something about how hemp helped us out in the past, Let’s look at how we’ve used it in the United States’ history.)

II.Closer to more recent times even The Declaration of Independence was drafted by Jefferson himself on canvas paper, and the word canvas actually comes from the word cannabis.

A.During the time of slavery in our country, Kentucky’s economy was significantly focused on producing hemp on its slave plantations.

1.  Up to this point in time, hemp has been accepted as a necessity of life and used to its utmost ability.

B.Although by the turn of the century along with the Civil War, the hemp industry was nearly destroyed.

1.By then, the gigantic wooden ships were not in use and the invention of the steamship dramatically reduced the need for the excessive amount of hemp.

2.Wire cables and metal hulls replaced the hemp rope, sails and caulking and the hemp market dwindled down to only thread, twine, and cordage by the end of the century.

(Transition:  Let’s take a look of how hemp got discontinued in America.)

III.In 1937, the marijuana Tax Act was passed by the decision of the United States Congress based on false information given to them by William Randolph Hearst.

A.“from 1880 to 1933 the hemp grown in the United States had declined from 15,000 to 1,200 acres…:.

1.Because of that act, the hemp industry was officially destroyed and industrial hemp was discontinued in America.

2.This act only lasted a few years because of the horrible shortage of supplies in World War II for our American army.

B.The USA encouraged farmers to be patriotic and help out their country by the means of growing as much industrial hemp as they could.

1.So the government issued an educational film for farmers to grow hemp and get started immediately.

2.The farmers obeyed and were patriotic and the shortages ended, but as soon as WWII was over, so was industrialized hemp for America


(Transition:  In conclusion…)

I.As we have seen, hemp has been used throughout the entire world for thousands of years.

II.Everyone can benefit from using industrialized hemp

III.The United States has used it ever since the beginning, but banned in the early 20th century.

IV.We can benefit from this extraordinary plant and continue to find more and more uses for it everyday.



Carbonell, David. Panic Attacks Workbook: A Guided Program for Breaking the Panic Cycle. Berkeley, CA: Ulysses Press, 2004.

Swede, Shirley, and Jaffe Seymour. The Panic Attack Recovery Book, rev. ed. New York: New American Library, 2001.


Leskin, Gregory A., and Sheikh, Javaid I. “Gender Differences in Panic Disorders.”  Psychiatric Times Jan. 2004: 65.

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Internet Sources

American Psychiatric Association. “Panic Disorder.” 27 Jan. 2005. 26 Sept. 2005 <>.

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exZACKly What You Need To Hear (APRIL 2013)


Hi my name is Zack Mount, I make the exZACKtaMOUNTas, nice to meet you, and welcome to Exzackly What You Need To Hear. I’m going to go ahead and start off with my ethnic background and it seems as though the tan man has gotten the blame for almost everything. If you look at the tan man, he might as well be the terrorist now a days. Ever since 2001 that is seen to be the mindset. So right now I’m a tan man but I’m not a terrorist, I’m actually a white man and my ethnicity background is white and pacific islander, which means coming from Hawaii, as well as a Native American in my blood running here and I’m also a Patriot. That’s also in my background.

So like I said welcome to Exzackly What You Need To Hear. On today’s episode, I’d like to explain to you what I’m doing here. Knowledge is Power! Combined with Technology, that can mean a lot on the negative or the positive side. With that being said, this is the Age of Information and we have now come into it and it should reach out to all of us. We all have the power now. We can all do the research. It is all accessible. Everywhere, Books, Libraries, the Internet, websites, anywhere. Don’t just believe one source and stick with it, look up stacks of information and stick with them. When It comes to sticking with stacks of information I swear that the Alex Jones guy sure is a character. He seems to laying fact after fact after fact, but no matter what he always seems to be wrong in the mainstream media’s point of view and more. Now that’s on TV’s, radio’s, newspaper’s, magazine’s, out on the sidewalk’s, in public talking with officers from police to military, & even the general public.
If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about just go to, or,, (I got some great health products from over there) Fact After Fact After Fact! & are also great websites. Now a few years back Alex Jones was hosting a Paul Revere Contest and it was outstanding. Go look at all the videos on youtube and in other places. It will probably get up to a quarter of a million entries or more. That means hundreds of thousands of people went out looking for more information for themselves and what’d they do with it? They passed it back out to the public to multiply everywhere to everybody. It was for themselves, the public and this Age of Information.

Like I said before, Knowledge is Power. Combined with technology, that can mean a lot, the negative or the positive side. Of course Alex Jones & the rest of us are on the positive side, but I know a lot of y’all out there ain’t. And if all y’all on the negative side are thinking it’s good to be on that side, and believing in the Globalists and the New World Order and all the disinformation that comes in the narrative in the mainstream media you got another thing coming!

The gloves are off now and I’m sick of all this disinformation shuffling out there. It seems like it’s all one sided propaganda, but both sides of the story never get heard, but that’s acceptable. Maybe that was acceptable when the government and the people who worked for the government were honest and the public could trust the main stream media, but we’re way past that day and age. Why do I say that? Because Alex Jones daily on his show for over 20 years has stated Fact After Fact After Fact and all the main stream media and the dumbed down public can seem to agree on one topic and that is that Alex Jones is a crazy kook, a crazy loon, a conspirator, and that means no good for our country, is what they say.

But in all actuality, he is an inspiring wake up call for all of us. We all can be like him. Original Patriots to our country! When we see the government doing bad and hear the media talking lies and passing whatever disinformation they feel like saying to save their behinds, it’s TIME TO STAND UP! They are parasiting our liberties away slowly one by one & it’s like a domino effect & the bad guys started a long time ago. So we’re way into the game! STAND UP & fight this disinformation with truth. This is an infowar… WAKE UP!