Hemp Keychain, #83 – Pink, Black, Natural, – Spiral Braid


Hemp Keychain, #83

– Pink, Black, Natural,

– Spiral Braid

Weight – .01 oz

Dimensions – 6.5 x .5 x .5 in

Key Ring – 1.25 in

Custom Made – Every EXZM Hemp Product Is Custom Made! They’re ExZACKly What You Need!

Not available online, but might still be available at Cypress By Day. Go up there today!

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Hemp Keychain, #83
– Pink, Black, Natural,
– Spiral Braid
– Key Ring – 1.25 in

ExZACKtaMOUNTas (ex·ZACK·ta·MOUNT·as) Crafty Hemp Dealing.
My name is ZACK MOUNT, I make the exZACKtaMOUNTas, Nice To MEETchas!
#CraftyHempDealing is my specialty. I can make almost anything and everything!
Custom made items include Clay Beads, Perler Bead Magnets & much more!
Great prices for great quality 100% hemp products. #EXZM #Paris #TN #USA

I can make HEMP & YARN, custom made products.
The hemp items that I am going to sell and offer consists of, but are not limited to:

Hemp Cat Scratch Posts, Cat and Dog Hemp Collars, Hemp Dog Leashes, Hemp Dog Toys, Hemp Necklaces, Hemp Ankle Bracelets, Hemp Bracelets, Hemp Keychains, Hemp Monkey Fist Keychains, Hemp Guitar Straps, Hemp or Clay Rings, Hemp Hats, Hemp Belts, Hemp Suspenders, Hemp Purses. All Different sizes, all Different Colors, plus Clay Beads, Wood Beads, Plastic Beads, Plastic Crosses, Metal Key rings, and Steel Ball Bearings.

Winter Apparel aka Yarn Hats, Yarn Toboggans, Yarn Messy Bun Hats, Yarn Scarves, FunFur Yarn Scarves, Yarn Ear Warmers, FunFur Yarn Ear Warmers, Yarn Head Bands, Yarn Neck Warmers, FunFur Yarn Beards, Yarn Leg Warmers, Yarn Arm Warmers, Yarn Gloves, Yarn Purses, Yarn Bottle Holders, and many more to come. All Different sizes, all Different Colors, Regular Size Yarn, Thick Yarn, Wool Ease Yarn, plus Thick and Quick Wool Ease Yarn.

Additional information

Weight .01 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × .5 × .5 in


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