House Of Representatives EXZM 11 5 2019


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Patriots Defeat Globalists by Zack Mount


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Patriots Defeat Globalists by Zack Mount © Copyright – Zack Mount / Zack Mount (193428678088)
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Political Rap – Release Date: 2019

Let’s Wake Up people’s Minds around the World about the Corrupt FakeStreamMedia, and the Evil DeepState Globalists trying to destroy America and President Donald J. Trump. I’m making positive, educational, political and motivational music to enjoy daily!

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Patriots Defeat Globalists
by Zack Mount
© Copyright – Zack Mount / Zack Mount (193428678088)
Let’s Wake Up people’s Minds around the World about the Corrupt FakeStreamMedia, and the Evil DeepState Globalists trying to destroy America and President Donald J. Trump. I’m making positive, educational, political and motivational music to enjoy daily!
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Political Rap
Release Date: 2019

Senators of the 116th Congress

House Of Representatives 8 17 2019


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stByrne, BradleyR119 CHOB(202) 225-4931Armed ServicesEducation and Labor
2ndRoby, MarthaR504 CHOB(202) 225-2901AppropriationsJudiciary
3rdRogers, MikeR2184 RHOB(202) 225-3261Armed ServicesHomeland Security
4thAderholt, RobertR1203 LHOB(202) 225-4876Appropriations
5thBrooks, MoR2246 RHOB(202) 225-4801Armed ServicesScience, Space, and Technology
6thPalmer, GaryR207 CHOB(202) 225-4921Climate CrisisTransportation and Infrastructure
7thSewell, Terri A.D2201 RHOB(202) 225-2665IntelligenceWays and Means


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeYoung, DonR2314 RHOB(202) 225-5765Natural ResourcesTransportation and Infrastructure

American Samoa

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
DelegateRadewagen, AmataR1339 LHOB(202) 225-8577Natural ResourcesSmall BusinessVeterans’ Affairs


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stO’Halleran, TomD324 CHOB(202) 225-3361AgricultureEnergy and Commerce
2ndKirkpatrick, AnnD309 CHOB(202) 225-2542AgricultureAppropriations
3rdGrijalva, RaulD1511 LHOB(202) 225-2435Education and LaborNatural Resources
4thGosar, Paul A.R2057 RHOB(202) 225-2315Oversight and ReformNatural Resources
5thBiggs, AndyR1318 LHOB(202) 225-2635JudiciaryScience, Space, and Technology
6thSchweikert, DavidR1526 LHOB(202) 225-2190Ways and Means
7thGallego, RubenD1131 LHOB(202) 225-4065Armed ServicesNatural Resources
8thLesko, DebbieR1113 LHOB(202) 225-4576Homeland SecurityJudiciaryRules
9thStanton, GregD128 CHOB(202) 225-9888JudiciaryTransportation and Infrastructure


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stCrawford, RickR2422 RHOB(202) 225-4076AgricultureIntelligenceTransportation and Infrastructure
2ndHill, FrenchR1533 LHOB(202) 225-2506Financial Services
3rdWomack, SteveR2412 RHOB(202) 225-4301AppropriationsBudget
4thWesterman, BruceR209 CHOB(202) 225-3772Natural ResourcesTransportation and Infrastructure


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stLaMalfa, DougR322 CHOB(202) 225-3076AgricultureTransportation and Infrastructure
2ndHuffman, JaredD1527 LHOB(202) 225-5161Climate CrisisNatural ResourcesTransportation and Infrastructure
3rdGaramendi, JohnD2368 RHOB(202) 225-1880Armed ServicesTransportation and Infrastructure
4thMcClintock, TomR2312 RHOB(202) 225-2511Natural ResourcesJudiciary
5thThompson, MikeD406 CHOB(202) 225-3311Ways and Means
6thMatsui, Doris O.D2311 RHOB(202) 225-7163Energy and Commerce
7thBera, AmiD1727 LHOB(202) 225-5716Foreign AffairsScience, Space, and Technology
8thCook, PaulR1027 LHOB(202) 225-5861Armed ServicesNatural Resources
9thMcNerney, JerryD2265 RHOB(202) 225-1947Energy and CommerceScience, Space, and Technology
10thHarder, JoshD131 CHOB(202) 225-4540AgricultureEducation and Labor
11thDeSaulnier, MarkD503 CHOB(202) 225-2095Education and LaborOversight and ReformTransportation and InfrastructureRules
12thPelosi, NancyD1236 LHOB(202) 225-4965
13thLee, BarbaraD2470 RHOB(202) 225-2661AppropriationsBudget
14thSpeier, JackieD2465 RHOB(202) 225-3531Armed ServicesOversight and ReformIntelligence
15thSwalwell, EricD407 CHOB(202) 225-5065IntelligenceJudiciary
16thCosta, JimD2081 RHOB(202) 225-3341AgricultureForeign AffairsNatural Resources
17thKhanna, RoD221 CHOB(202) 225-2631Armed ServicesBudgetOversight and Reform
18thEshoo, Anna G.D202 CHOB(202) 225-8104Energy and Commerce
19thLofgren, ZoeD1401 LHOB(202) 225-3072House AdministrationJoint Committee of Congress on the LibraryJudiciaryModernization of CongressScience, Space, and Technology
20thPanetta, JimmyD212 CHOB(202) 225-2861AgricultureBudgetWays and Means
21stCox, TJD1728 LHOB(202) 225-4695AgricultureNatural Resources
22ndNunes, DevinR1013 LHOB(202) 225-2523IntelligenceJoint Committee on TaxationWays and Means
23rdMcCarthy, KevinR2468 RHOB(202) 225-2915
24thCarbajal, SaludD1431 LHOB(202) 225-3601AgricultureArmed ServicesTransportation and Infrastructure
25thHill, KatieD1130 LHOB(202) 225-1956Armed ServicesOversight and ReformScience, Space, and Technology
26thBrownley, JuliaD2262 RHOB(202) 225-5811Climate CrisisTransportation and InfrastructureVeterans’ Affairs
27thChu, JudyD2423 RHOB(202) 225-5464Small BusinessWays and Means
28thSchiff, AdamD2269 RHOB(202) 225-4176Intelligence
29thCárdenas, TonyD2438 RHOB(202) 225-6131Energy and Commerce
30thSherman, BradD2181 RHOB(202) 225-5911Financial ServicesForeign AffairsScience, Space, and Technology
31stAguilar, PeteD109 CHOB(202) 225-3201AppropriationsHouse Administration
32ndNapolitano, GraceD1610 LHOB(202) 225-5256Natural ResourcesTransportation and Infrastructure
33rdLieu, TedD403 CHOB(202) 225-3976Foreign AffairsJudiciary
34thGomez, JimmyD1530 LHOB(202) 225-6235Oversight and ReformWays and Means
35thTorres, NormaD2444 RHOB(202) 225-6161AppropriationsRules
36thRuiz, RaulD2342 RHOB(202) 225-5330Energy and Commerce
37thBass, KarenD2059 RHOB(202) 225-7084Foreign AffairsJudiciary
38thSánchez, LindaD2329 RHOB(202) 225-6676Ways and Means
39thCisneros, Gilbert Ray Jr.D431 CHOB(202) 225-4111Armed ServicesVeterans’ Affairs
40thRoybal-Allard, LucilleD2083 RHOB(202) 225-1766Appropriations
41stTakano, MarkD420 CHOB(202) 225-2305Education and LaborVeterans’ Affairs
42ndCalvert, KenR2205 RHOB(202) 225-1986Appropriations
43rdWaters, MaxineD2221 RHOB(202) 225-2201Financial Services
44thBarragán, NanetteD1030 LHOB(202) 225-8220Homeland SecurityEnergy and Commerce
45thPorter, KatieD1117 LHOB(202) 225-5611Financial Services
46thCorrea, J. LuisD1039 LHOB(202) 225-2965Homeland SecurityJudiciary
47thLowenthal, AlanD108 CHOB(202) 225-7924Natural ResourcesTransportation and Infrastructure
48thRouda, HarleyD2300 RHOB(202) 225-2415Oversight and ReformTransportation and Infrastructure
49thLevin, MikeD1626 LHOB(202) 225-3906Climate CrisisNatural ResourcesVeterans’ Affairs
50thHunter, Duncan D.R2429 RHOB(202) 225-5672
51stVargas, JuanD2244 RHOB(202) 225-8045Financial ServicesForeign Affairs
52ndPeters, ScottD2338 RHOB(202) 225-0508BudgetEnergy and Commerce
53rdDavis, SusanD1214 LHOB(202) 225-2040Armed ServicesEducation and LaborHouse Administration


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stDeGette, DianaD2111 RHOB(202) 225-4431Energy and CommerceNatural Resources
2ndNeguse, JoeD1419 LHOB(202) 225-2161Climate CrisisNatural ResourcesJudiciary
3rdTipton, ScottR218 CHOB(202) 225-4761Financial Services
4thBuck, KenR2455 RHOB(202) 225-4676Foreign AffairsJudiciary
5thLamborn, DougR2371 RHOB(202) 225-4422Armed ServicesNatural Resources
6thCrow, JasonD1229 LHOB(202) 225-7882Armed ServicesSmall Business
7thPerlmutter, EdD1226 LHOB(202) 225-2645Financial ServicesRulesScience, Space, and Technology


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stLarson, John B.D1501 LHOB(202) 225-2265Ways and Means
2ndCourtney, JoeD2332 RHOB(202) 225-2076Armed ServicesEducation and Labor
3rdDeLauro, Rosa L.D2413 RHOB(202) 225-3661AppropriationsBudget
4thHimes, JimD1227 LHOB(202) 225-5541Financial ServicesIntelligence
5thHayes, JahanaD1415 LHOB(202) 225-4476AgricultureEducation and Labor


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeBlunt Rochester, LisaD1519 LHOB(202) 225-4165Energy and Commerce

District of Columbia

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
DelegateNorton, Eleanor HolmesD2136 RHOB(202) 225-8050Oversight and ReformTransportation and Infrastructure


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stGaetz, MattR1721 LHOB(202) 225-4136Armed ServicesJudiciary
2ndDunn, NealR316 CHOB(202) 225-5235AgricultureVeterans’ Affairs
3rdYoho, TedR1730 LHOB(202) 225-5744AgricultureForeign Affairs
4thRutherford, JohnR1711 LHOB(202) 225-2501Appropriations
5thLawson, AlD1406 LHOB(202) 225-0123AgricultureFinancial Services
6thWaltz, MichaelR216 CHOB(202) 225-2706Armed ServicesScience, Space, and Technology
7thMurphy, StephanieD1710 LHOB(202) 225-4035Ways and Means
8thPosey, BillR2150 RHOB(202) 225-3671Financial ServicesScience, Space, and Technology
9thSoto, DarrenD1507 LHOB(202) 225-9889Energy and CommerceNatural Resources
10thDemings, ValD217 CHOB(202) 225-2176Homeland SecurityIntelligenceJudiciary
11thWebster, DanielR1210 LHOB(202) 225-1002Natural ResourcesTransportation and Infrastructure
12thBilirakis, Gus M.R2227 RHOB(202) 225-5755Energy and CommerceVeterans’ Affairs
13thCrist, CharlieD215 CHOB(202) 225-5961AppropriationsScience, Space, and Technology
14thCastor, KathyD2052 RHOB(202) 225-3376Climate CrisisEnergy and Commerce
15thSpano, RossR224 CHOB(202) 225-1252Transportation and InfrastructureSmall Business
16thBuchanan, VernR2427 RHOB(202) 225-5015Ways and Means
17thSteube, W. GregoryR521 CHOB(202) 225-5792Oversight and ReformJudiciaryVeterans’ Affairs
18thMast, BrianR2182 RHOB(202) 225-3026Foreign AffairsTransportation and Infrastructure
19thRooney, FrancisR120 CHOB(202) 225-2536Foreign AffairsScience, Space, and Technology
20thHastings, Alcee L.D2353 RHOB(202) 225-1313Rules
21stFrankel, LoisD2305 RHOB(202) 225-9890Appropriations
22ndDeutch, TedD2447 RHOB(202) 225-3001Foreign AffairsJudiciaryEthics
23rdWasserman Schultz, DebbieD1114 LHOB(202) 225-7931AppropriationsOversight and Reform
24thWilson, FredericaD2445 RHOB(202) 225-4506Education and LaborTransportation and Infrastructure
25thDiaz-Balart, MarioR404 CHOB(202) 225-4211Appropriations
26thMucarsel-Powell, DebbieD114 CHOB(202) 225-2778JudiciaryTransportation and Infrastructure
27thShalala, Donna E.D1320 LHOB(202) 225-3931Education and LaborRules


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stCarter, BuddyR2432 RHOB(202) 225-5831Climate CrisisEnergy and Commerce
2ndBishop Jr., Sanford D.D2407 RHOB(202) 225-3631Appropriations
3rdFerguson, A. DrewR1032 LHOB(202) 225-5901Ways and Means
4thJohnson, Henry C. “Hank” Jr.D2240 RHOB(202) 225-1605JudiciaryTransportation and Infrastructure
5thLewis, JohnD300 CHOB(202) 225-3801Joint Committee on TaxationWays and Means
6thMcBath, LucyD1513 LHOB(202) 225-4501Education and LaborJudiciary
7thWoodall, RobertR1724 LHOB(202) 225-4272BudgetModernization of CongressTransportation and InfrastructureRules
8thScott, AustinR2417 RHOB(202) 225-6531AgricultureArmed Services
9thCollins, DougR1504 LHOB(202) 225-9893Judiciary
10thHice, JodyR409 CHOB(202) 225-4101Oversight and ReformNatural Resources
11thLoudermilk, BarryR422 CHOB(202) 225-2931Financial ServicesHouse AdministrationJoint Committee of Congress on the Library
12thAllen, RickR2400 RHOB(202) 225-2823AgricultureEducation and Labor
13thScott, DavidD225 CHOB(202) 225-2939AgricultureFinancial Services
14thGraves, TomR2078 RHOB(202) 225-5211AppropriationsModernization of Congress


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
DelegateSan Nicolas, Michael F. Q.D1632 LHOB(202) 225-1188Financial ServicesNatural Resources


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stCase, EdD2443 RHOB(202) 225-2726AppropriationsNatural Resources
2ndGabbard, TulsiD1433 LHOB(202) 225-4906Armed ServicesFinancial Services


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stFulcher, RussR1520 LHOB(202) 225-6611Education and LaborNatural Resources
2ndSimpson, MikeR2084 RHOB(202) 225-5531Appropriations


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stRush, Bobby L.D2188 RHOB(202) 225-4372Energy and Commerce
2ndKelly, RobinD2416 RHOB(202) 225-0773Oversight and ReformEnergy and Commerce
3rdLipinski, DanielD2346 RHOB(202) 225-5701Transportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology
4thGarcía, Jesús “Chuy”D530 CHOB(202) 225-8203Financial ServicesTransportation and Infrastructure
5thQuigley, MikeD2458 RHOB(202) 225-4061AppropriationsIntelligence
6thCasten, SeanD429 CHOB(202) 225-4561Financial ServicesClimate CrisisScience, Space, and Technology
7thDavis, Danny K.D2159 RHOB(202) 225-5006Ways and Means
8thKrishnamoorthi, RajaD115 CHOB(202) 225-3711Oversight and ReformIntelligence
9thSchakowsky, JanD2367 RHOB(202) 225-2111BudgetEnergy and Commerce
10thSchneider, BradleyD1432 LHOB(202) 225-4835Small BusinessWays and Means
11thFoster, BillD2366 RHOB(202) 225-3515Financial ServicesScience, Space, and Technology
12thBost, MikeR1440 LHOB(202) 225-5661AgricultureTransportation and InfrastructureVeterans’ Affairs
13thDavis, RodneyR1740 LHOB(202) 225-2371AgricultureHouse AdministrationJoint Committee of Congress on the LibraryModernization of CongressTransportation and Infrastructure
14thUnderwood, LaurenD1118 LHOB(202) 225-2976Education and LaborHomeland SecurityVeterans’ Affairs
15thShimkus, JohnR2217 RHOB(202) 225-5271Energy and Commerce
16thKinzinger, AdamR2245 RHOB(202) 225-3635Foreign AffairsEnergy and Commerce
17thBustos, CheriD1233 LHOB(202) 225-5905AgricultureAppropriations
18thLaHood,DarinR1424 LHOB(202) 225-6201Ways and Means


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stVisclosky, PeterD2328 RHOB(202) 225-2461Appropriations
2ndWalorski, JackieR419 CHOB(202) 225-3915EthicsWays and Means
3rdBanks, JimR1713 LHOB(202) 225-4436Armed ServicesEducation and LaborVeterans’ Affairs
4thBaird, JamesR532 CHOB(202) 225-5037AgricultureScience, Space, and Technology
5thBrooks, Susan W.R2211 RHOB(202) 225-2276Energy and CommerceModernization of Congress
6thPence, GregR222 CHOB(202) 225-3021Foreign AffairsTransportation and Infrastructure
7thCarson, AndréD2135 RHOB(202) 225-4011IntelligenceTransportation and Infrastructure
8thBucshon, LarryR2313 RHOB(202) 225-4636Energy and Commerce
9thHollingsworth, TreyR1641 LHOB(202) 225-5315Financial Services


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stFinkenauer, AbbyD124 CHOB(202) 225-2911Transportation and InfrastructureSmall Business
2ndLoebsack, DavidD1211 LHOB(202) 225-6576Energy and Commerce
3rdAxne, CynthiaD330 CHOB(202) 225-5476AgricultureFinancial Services
4thKing, SteveR2210 RHOB(202) 225-4426


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stMarshall, RogerR312 CHOB(202) 225-2715AgricultureScience, Space, and Technology
2ndWatkins, SteveR1205 LHOB(202) 225-6601Education and LaborForeign AffairsVeterans’ Affairs
3rdDavids, ShariceD1541 LHOB(202) 225-2865Transportation and InfrastructureSmall Business
4thEstes, RonR1524 LHOB(202) 225-6216Ways and Means


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stComer, JamesR1037 LHOB(202) 225-3115AgricultureEducation and LaborOversight and Reform
2ndGuthrie, S. BrettR2434 RHOB(202) 225-3501Education and LaborEnergy and Commerce
3rdYarmuth, John A.D402 CHOB(202) 225-5401Budget
4thMassie, ThomasR2453 RHOB(202) 225-3465Oversight and ReformTransportation and Infrastructure
5thRogers, HaroldR2406 RHOB(202) 225-4601Appropriations
6thBarr, AndyR2430 RHOB(202) 225-4706Financial ServicesVeterans’ Affairs


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stScalise, SteveR2049 RHOB(202) 225-3015Energy and Commerce
2ndRichmond, CedricD506 CHOB(202) 225-6636Homeland SecurityJudiciary
3rdHiggins, ClayR424 CHOB(202) 225-2031Oversight and ReformHomeland Security
4thJohnson, MikeR418 CHOB(202) 225-2777Natural ResourcesJudiciary
5thAbraham, RalphR417 CHOB(202) 225-8490AgricultureArmed Services
6thGraves, GarretR2402 RHOB(202) 225-3901Climate CrisisNatural ResourcesTransportation and Infrastructure


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stPingree, ChellieD2162 RHOB(202) 225-6116AgricultureAppropriations
2ndGolden, JaredD1223 LHOB(202) 225-6306Armed ServicesSmall Business


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stHarris, AndyR2334 RHOB(202) 225-5311Appropriations
2ndRuppersberger, C. A. DutchD2206 RHOB(202) 225-3061Appropriations
3rdSarbanes, John P.D2370 RHOB(202) 225-4016Oversight and ReformEnergy and Commerce
4thBrown, AnthonyD1323 LHOB(202) 225-8699Armed ServicesNatural ResourcesTransportation and InfrastructureEthics
5thHoyer, Steny H.D1705 LHOB(202) 225-4131
6thTrone, DavidD1213 LHOB(202) 225-2721Education and LaborForeign Affairs
7thCummings, ElijahD2163 RHOB(202) 225-4741Oversight and ReformTransportation and Infrastructure
8thRaskin, JamieD412 CHOB(202) 225-5341Oversight and ReformHouse AdministrationJudiciaryRules


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stNeal, Richard E.D2309 RHOB(202) 225-5601Joint Committee on TaxationWays and Means
2ndMcGovern, JamesD408 CHOB(202) 225-6101AgricultureRules
3rdTrahan, LoriD1616 LHOB(202) 225-3411Armed ServicesEducation and Labor
4thKennedy III, Joseph P.D304 CHOB(202) 225-5931Energy and Commerce
5thClark, KatherineD2448 RHOB(202) 225-2836Appropriations
6thMoulton, SethD1127 LHOB(202) 225-8020Armed ServicesBudget
7thPressley, AyannaD1108 LHOB(202) 225-5111Financial ServicesOversight and Reform
8thLynch, Stephen F.D2109 RHOB(202) 225-8273Financial ServicesOversight and ReformTransportation and Infrastructure
9thKeating, WilliamD2351 RHOB(202) 225-3111Armed ServicesForeign Affairs


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stBergman, JackR414 CHOB(202) 225-4735Armed ServicesVeterans’ Affairs
2ndHuizenga, BillR2232 RHOB(202) 225-4401Financial Services
3rdAmash, JustinI106 CHOB(202) 225-3831
4thMoolenaar, JohnR117 CHOB(202) 225-3561Appropriations
5thKildee, DanielD203 CHOB(202) 225-3611BudgetWays and Means
6thUpton, FredR2183 RHOB(202) 225-3761Energy and Commerce
7thWalberg, TimR2266 RHOB(202) 225-6276Education and LaborEnergy and Commerce
8thSlotkin, ElissaD1531 LHOB(202) 225-4872Armed ServicesHomeland Security
9thLevin, AndyD228 CHOB(202) 225-4961Education and LaborForeign Affairs
10thMitchell, PaulR211 CHOB(202) 225-2106Armed ServicesTransportation and Infrastructure
11thStevens, HaleyD227 CHOB(202) 225-8171Education and LaborScience, Space, and Technology
12thDingell, DebbieD116 CHOB(202) 225-4071Energy and CommerceNatural Resources
13thTlaib, RashidaD1628 LHOB(202) 225-5126Financial ServicesOversight and Reform
14thLawrence, BrendaD2463 RHOB(202) 225-5802AppropriationsOversight and Reform


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stHagedorn, JimR325 CHOB(202) 225-2472AgricultureSmall Business
2ndCraig, AngieD1523 LHOB(202) 225-2271AgricultureTransportation and InfrastructureSmall Business
3rdPhillips, DeanD1305 LHOB(202) 225-2871Financial ServicesForeign AffairsEthics
4thMcCollum, BettyD2256 RHOB(202) 225-6631Appropriations
5thOmar, IlhanD1517 LHOB(202) 225-4755BudgetEducation and LaborForeign Affairs
6thEmmer, TomR315 CHOB(202) 225-2331Financial Services
7thPeterson, Collin C.D2204 RHOB(202) 225-2165AgricultureVeterans’ Affairs
8thStauber, PeteR126 CHOB(202) 225-6211Transportation and InfrastructureSmall Business


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stKelly, TrentR1005 LHOB(202) 225-4306AgricultureArmed Services
2ndThompson, Bennie G.D2466 RHOB(202) 225-5876Homeland Security
3rdGuest, MichaelR230 CHOB(202) 225-5031Foreign AffairsHomeland SecurityEthics
4thPalazzo, StevenR2349 RHOB(202) 225-5772Appropriations


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stClay Jr., William “Lacy”D2428 RHOB(202) 225-2406Financial ServicesOversight and ReformNatural Resources
2ndWagner, AnnR2350 RHOB(202) 225-1621Financial ServicesForeign Affairs
3rdLuetkemeyer, BlaineR2230 RHOB(202) 225-2956Financial Services
4thHartzler, VickyR2235 RHOB(202) 225-2876AgricultureArmed Services
5thCleaver, EmanuelD2335 RHOB(202) 225-4535Financial ServicesHomeland SecurityModernization of Congress
6thGraves, SamR1135 LHOB(202) 225-7041Armed ServicesTransportation and Infrastructure
7thLong, BillyR2454 RHOB(202) 225-6536Energy and Commerce
8thSmith, JasonR2418 RHOB(202) 225-4404BudgetWays and Means


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeGianforte, GregR1222 LHOB(202) 225-3211Energy and Commerce


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stFortenberry, JeffR1514 LHOB(202) 225-4806Appropriations
2ndBacon, DonR1024 LHOB(202) 225-4155AgricultureArmed Services
3rdSmith, AdrianR502 CHOB(202) 225-6435Ways and Means


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stTitus, DinaD2464 RHOB(202) 225-5965Foreign AffairsHomeland SecurityTransportation and Infrastructure
2ndAmodei, MarkR104 CHOB(202) 225-6155Appropriations
3rdLee, SusieD522 CHOB(202) 225-3252Education and LaborVeterans’ Affairs
4thHorsford, StevenD1330 LHOB(202) 225-9894BudgetNatural ResourcesWays and Means

New Hampshire

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stPappas, ChrisD323 CHOB(202) 225-5456Transportation and InfrastructureVeterans’ Affairs
2ndKuster, AnnD320 CHOB(202) 225-5206Energy and Commerce

New Jersey

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stNorcross, DonaldD2437 RHOB(202) 225-6501Armed ServicesEducation and Labor
2ndVan Drew, JeffersonD331 CHOB(202) 225-6572AgricultureNatural Resources
3rdKim, AndyD1516 LHOB(202) 225-4765Armed ServicesSmall Business
4thSmith, ChrisR2373 RHOB(202) 225-3765Foreign Affairs
5thGottheimer, JoshD213 CHOB(202) 225-4465Financial Services
6thPallone Jr., FrankD2107 RHOB(202) 225-4671Energy and Commerce
7thMalinowski, TomD426 CHOB(202) 225-5361Foreign AffairsTransportation and Infrastructure
8thSires, AlbioD2268 RHOB(202) 225-7919BudgetForeign AffairsTransportation and Infrastructure
9thPascrell Jr., BillD2409 RHOB(202) 225-5751Ways and Means
10thPayne Jr., DonaldD103 CHOB(202) 225-3436Homeland SecurityTransportation and Infrastructure
11thSherrill, MikieD1208 LHOB(202) 225-5034Armed ServicesScience, Space, and Technology
12thWatson Coleman, BonnieD2442 RHOB(202) 225-5801AppropriationsHomeland Security

New Mexico

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stHaaland, DebraD1237 LHOB(202) 225-6316Armed ServicesNatural Resources
2ndTorres Small, XochitlD430 CHOB(202) 225-2365Armed ServicesHomeland Security
3rdLuján, Ben R.D2323 RHOB(202) 225-6190Climate CrisisEnergy and Commerce

New York

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stZeldin, LeeR2441 RHOB(202) 225-3826Financial ServicesForeign Affairs
2ndKing, PeteR302 CHOB(202) 225-7896Financial ServicesHomeland Security
3rdSuozzi, ThomasD214 CHOB(202) 225-3335Ways and Means
4thRice, KathleenD2435 RHOB(202) 225-5516Homeland SecurityVeterans’ Affairs
5thMeeks, Gregory W.D2310 RHOB(202) 225-3461Financial ServicesForeign Affairs
6thMeng, GraceD2209 RHOB(202) 225-2601AppropriationsEthics
7thVelázquez, Nydia M.D2302 RHOB(202) 225-2361Financial ServicesNatural ResourcesSmall Business
8thJeffries, HakeemD2433 RHOB(202) 225-5936BudgetJudiciary
9thClarke, Yvette D.D2058 RHOB(202) 225-6231Homeland SecurityEnergy and Commerce
10thNadler, JerroldD2132 RHOB(202) 225-5635Judiciary
11thRose, MaxD1529 LHOB(202) 225-3371Homeland SecurityVeterans’ Affairs
12thMaloney, CarolynD2308 RHOB(202) 225-7944Financial ServicesOversight and Reform
13thEspaillat, AdrianoD1630 LHOB(202) 225-4365Foreign AffairsTransportation and InfrastructureSmall Business
14thOcasio-Cortez, AlexandriaD229 CHOB(202) 225-3965Financial ServicesOversight and Reform
15thSerrano, José E.D2354 RHOB(202) 225-4361Appropriations
16thEngel, EliotD2426 RHOB(202) 225-2464Foreign AffairsEnergy and Commerce
17thLowey, NitaD2365 RHOB(202) 225-6506Appropriations
18thMaloney, Sean PatrickD2331 RHOB(202) 225-5441AgricultureIntelligenceTransportation and Infrastructure
19thDelgado, AntonioD1007 LHOB(202) 225-5614AgricultureTransportation and InfrastructureSmall Business
20thTonko, Paul D.D2369 RHOB(202) 225-5076Energy and CommerceNatural ResourcesScience, Space, and Technology
21stStefanik, EliseR318 CHOB(202) 225-4611Armed ServicesEducation and LaborIntelligence
22ndBrindisi, AnthonyD329 CHOB(202) 225-3665AgricultureVeterans’ Affairs
23rdReed, TomR2263 RHOB(202) 225-3161Ways and Means
24thKatko, JohnR2457 RHOB(202) 225-3701Homeland SecurityTransportation and Infrastructure
25thMorelle, JosephD1317 LHOB(202) 225-3615BudgetEducation and LaborRules
26thHiggins, BrianD2459 RHOB(202) 225-3306BudgetWays and Means
27thCollins, Chris – VacancyR2243 RHOB(202) 225-5265

North Carolina

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stButterfield, G.K.D2080 RHOB(202) 225-3101House AdministrationEnergy and CommerceJoint Committee of Congress on the Library
2ndHolding, GeorgeR1110 LHOB(202) 225-3032BudgetEthicsWays and Means
3rdMurphy, Gregory FrancisR2333 RHOB(202) 225-3415Education and LaborScience, Space, and Technology
4thPrice, DavidD2108 RHOB(202) 225-1784AppropriationsBudget
5thFoxx, VirginiaR2462 RHOB(202) 225-2071Education and LaborOversight and Reform
6thWalker, MarkR1725 LHOB(202) 225-3065Education and LaborHouse AdministrationHomeland Security
7thRouzer, DavidR2439 RHOB(202) 225-2731AgricultureTransportation and Infrastructure
8thHudson, RichardR2112 RHOB(202) 225-3715Energy and Commerce
9thBishop, DanR132 CHOB(202) 225-1976Homeland SecuritySmall Business
10thMcHenry, Patrick T.R2004 RHOB(202) 225-2576Financial Services
11thMeadows, MarkR2160 RHOB(202) 225-6401Oversight and ReformTransportation and Infrastructure
12thAdams, AlmaD2436 RHOB(202) 225-1510AgricultureFinancial ServicesEducation and Labor
13thBudd, TedR118 CHOB(202) 225-4531Financial Services

North Dakota

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeArmstrong, KellyR1004 LHOB(202) 225-2611Climate CrisisOversight and ReformJudiciary

Northern Mariana Islands

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
DelegateSablan, GregorioD2411 RHOB(202) 225-2646Education and LaborNatural ResourcesVeterans’ Affairs


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stChabot, SteveR2408 RHOB(202) 225-2216Foreign AffairsJudiciarySmall Business
2ndWenstrup, BradR2419 RHOB(202) 225-3164IntelligenceWays and Means
3rdBeatty, JoyceD2303 RHOB(202) 225-4324Financial Services
4thJordan, JimR2056 RHOB(202) 225-2676Oversight and ReformJudiciary
5thLatta, Robert E.R2467 RHOB(202) 225-6405Energy and Commerce
6thJohnson, BillR2336 RHOB(202) 225-5705BudgetEnergy and Commerce
7thGibbs, BobR2446 RHOB(202) 225-6265Oversight and ReformTransportation and Infrastructure
8thDavidson, WarrenR1107 LHOB(202) 225-6205Financial Services
9thKaptur, MarcyD2186 RHOB(202) 225-4146Appropriations
10thTurner, MichaelR2082 RHOB(202) 225-6465Armed ServicesIntelligence
11thFudge, Marcia L.D2344 RHOB(202) 225-7032AgricultureEducation and LaborHouse Administration
12thBalderson, TroyR1221 LHOB(202) 225-5355Transportation and InfrastructureSmall BusinessScience, Space, and Technology
13thRyan, TimD1126 LHOB(202) 225-5261AppropriationsJoint Committee of Congress on the Library
14thJoyce, DavidR1124 LHOB(202) 225-5731Appropriations
15thStivers, SteveR2234 RHOB(202) 225-2015Financial Services
16thGonzalez, AnthonyR1023 LHOB(202) 225-3876Financial ServicesScience, Space, and Technology


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stHern, KevinR1019 LHOB(202) 225-2211BudgetNatural ResourcesSmall Business
2ndMullin, MarkwayneR2421 RHOB(202) 225-2701Energy and Commerce
3rdLucas, FrankR2405 RHOB(202) 225-5565Financial ServicesScience, Space, and Technology
4thCole, TomR2207 RHOB(202) 225-6165AppropriationsRules
5thHorn, KendraD415 CHOB(202) 225-2132Armed ServicesScience, Space, and Technology


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stBonamici, SuzanneD2231 RHOB(202) 225-0855Climate CrisisEducation and LaborScience, Space, and Technology
2ndWalden, GregR2185 RHOB(202) 225-6730Energy and Commerce
3rdBlumenauer, EarlD1111 LHOB(202) 225-4811Ways and Means
4thDeFazio, PeterD2134 RHOB(202) 225-6416Transportation and Infrastructure
5thSchrader, KurtD2431 RHOB(202) 225-5711Energy and Commerce


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stFitzpatrick, BrianR1722 LHOB(202) 225-4276Foreign AffairsTransportation and Infrastructure
2ndBoyle, BrendanD1133 LHOB(202) 225-6111BudgetWays and Means
3rdEvans, DwightD1105 LHOB(202) 225-4001Small BusinessWays and Means
4thDean, MadeleineD129 CHOB(202) 225-4731Financial ServicesJudiciary
5thScanlon, Mary GayD1535 LHOB(202) 225-2011JudiciaryModernization of CongressRules
6thHoulahan, ChrissyD1218 LHOB(202) 225-4315Armed ServicesForeign AffairsSmall Business
7thWild, SusanD1607 LHOB(202) 225-6411Education and LaborForeign AffairsEthics
8thCartwright, MattD1034 LHOB(202) 225-5546AppropriationsNatural Resources
9thMeuser, DanielR326 CHOB(202) 225-6511BudgetEducation and LaborVeterans’ Affairs
10thPerry, ScottR1207 LHOB(202) 225-5836Foreign AffairsTransportation and Infrastructure
11thSmucker, LloydR127 CHOB(202) 225-2411Education and LaborTransportation and Infrastructure
12thKeller, FredR1717 LHOB(202) 225-3731Education and LaborOversight and Reform
13thJoyce, JohnR1337 LHOB(202) 225-2431Homeland SecuritySmall Business
14thReschenthaler, GuyR531 CHOB(202) 225-2065Foreign AffairsJudiciary
15thThompson, GlennR400 CHOB(202) 225-5121AgricultureEducation and Labor
16thKelly, MikeR1707 LHOB(202) 225-5406Ways and Means
17thLamb, ConorD1224 LHOB(202) 225-2301Science, Space, and TechnologyVeterans’ Affairs
18thDoyle, MichaelD306 CHOB(202) 225-2135Energy and Commerce

Puerto Rico

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
Resident CommissionerGonzález-Colón, JennifferR1609 LHOB(202) 225-2615Natural ResourcesTransportation and Infrastructure

Rhode Island

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stCicilline, DavidD2233 RHOB(202) 225-4911Foreign AffairsJudiciary
2ndLangevin, JimD2077 RHOB(202) 225-2735Armed ServicesHomeland Security

South Carolina

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stCunningham, JoeD423 CHOB(202) 225-3176Natural ResourcesVeterans’ Affairs
2ndWilson, JoeR1436 LHOB(202) 225-2452Armed ServicesForeign Affairs
3rdDuncan, JeffR2229 RHOB(202) 225-5301Energy and Commerce
4thTimmons, WilliamR313 CHOB(202) 225-6030Financial ServicesModernization of Congress
5thNorman, RalphR319 CHOB(202) 225-5501BudgetOversight and ReformScience, Space, and Technology
6thClyburn, James E.D200 CHOB(202) 225-3315
7thRice, TomR512 CHOB(202) 225-9895Ways and Means

South Dakota

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeJohnson, DustyR1508 LHOB(202) 225-2801AgricultureEducation and Labor


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stRoe, PhilR102 CHOB(202) 225-6356Education and LaborVeterans’ Affairs
2ndBurchett, TimR1122 LHOB(202) 225-5435BudgetForeign AffairsSmall Business
3rdFleischmann, ChuckR2410 RHOB(202) 225-3271Appropriations
4thDesJarlais, ScottR2301 RHOB(202) 225-6831AgricultureArmed Services
5thCooper, JimD1536 LHOB(202) 225-4311Armed ServicesBudgetOversight and Reform
6thRose, John W.R1232 LHOB(202) 225-4231Financial Services
7thGreen, MarkR533 CHOB(202) 225-2811Oversight and ReformHomeland Security
8thKustoff, DavidR523 CHOB(202) 225-4714Financial Services
9thCohen, SteveD2104 RHOB(202) 225-3265JudiciaryTransportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stGohmert, LouieR2267 RHOB(202) 225-3035Natural ResourcesJudiciary
2ndCrenshaw, DanR413 CHOB(202) 225-6565BudgetHomeland Security
3rdTaylor, VanR1404 LHOB(202) 225-4201Education and LaborHomeland Security
4thRatcliffe, JohnR223 CHOB(202) 225-6673IntelligenceJudiciaryEthics
5thGooden, LanceR425 CHOB(202) 225-3484Financial Services
6thWright, RonR428 CHOB(202) 225-2002Education and LaborForeign Affairs
7thFletcher, LizzieD1429 LHOB(202) 225-2571Transportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology
8thBrady, KevinR1011 LHOB(202) 225-4901Joint Committee on TaxationWays and Means
9thGreen, AlD2347 RHOB(202) 225-7508Financial ServicesHomeland Security
10thMcCaul, Michael T.R2001 RHOB(202) 225-2401Foreign AffairsHomeland Security
11thConaway, K. MichaelR2469 RHOB(202) 225-3605AgricultureArmed ServicesIntelligence
12thGranger, KayR1026 LHOB(202) 225-5071Appropriations
13thThornberry, MacR2208 RHOB(202) 225-3706Armed Services
14thWeber, RandyR107 CHOB(202) 225-2831Transportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology
15thGonzalez, VicenteD113 CHOB(202) 225-2531Financial ServicesForeign Affairs
16thEscobar, VeronicaD1505 LHOB(202) 225-4831Armed ServicesJudiciary
17thFlores, BillR2228 RHOB(202) 225-6105BudgetEnergy and Commerce
18thJackson Lee, SheilaD2079 RHOB(202) 225-3816BudgetHomeland SecurityJudiciary
19thArrington, JodeyR1029 LHOB(202) 225-4005Ways and Means
20thCastro, JoaquinD2241 RHOB(202) 225-3236Education and LaborForeign AffairsIntelligence
21stRoy, ChipR1319 LHOB(202) 225-4236BudgetOversight and ReformVeterans’ Affairs
22ndOlson, PeteR2133 RHOB(202) 225-5951Energy and CommerceScience, Space, and Technology
23rdHurd, WillR317 CHOB(202) 225-4511AppropriationsIntelligence
24thMarchant, KennyR2304 RHOB(202) 225-6605EthicsWays and Means
25thWilliams, RogerR1708 LHOB(202) 225-9896Financial Services
26thBurgess, MichaelR2161 RHOB(202) 225-7772Energy and CommerceRules
27thCloud, MichaelR1314 LHOB(202) 225-7742Oversight and ReformScience, Space, and Technology
28thCuellar, HenryD2372 RHOB(202) 225-1640Appropriations
29thGarcia, SylviaD1620 LHOB(202) 225-1688Financial ServicesJudiciary
30thJohnson, Eddie BerniceD2306 RHOB(202) 225-8885Transportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology
31stCarter, JohnR2110 RHOB(202) 225-3864Appropriations
32ndAllred, ColinD328 CHOB(202) 225-2231Foreign AffairsTransportation and InfrastructureVeterans’ Affairs
33rdVeasey, MarcD2348 RHOB(202) 225-9897Energy and CommerceSmall Business
34thVela, FilemonD307 CHOB(202) 225-9901AgricultureArmed Services
35thDoggett, LloydD2307 RHOB(202) 225-4865BudgetJoint Committee on TaxationWays and Means
36thBabin, BrianR2236 RHOB(202) 225-1555Transportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stBishop, RobR123 CHOB(202) 225-0453Armed ServicesNatural Resources
2ndStewart, ChrisR2242 RHOB(202) 225-9730AppropriationsBudgetIntelligence
3rdCurtis, John R.R125 CHOB(202) 225-7751Foreign AffairsNatural Resources
4thMcAdams, BenD130 CHOB(202) 225-3011Financial ServicesScience, Space, and Technology


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeWelch, PeterD2187 RHOB(202) 225-4115Oversight and ReformEnergy and CommerceIntelligence

Virgin Islands

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
DelegatePlaskett, StaceyD2404 RHOB(202) 225-1790AgricultureOversight and ReformTransportation and Infrastructure


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stWittman, Robert J.R2055 RHOB(202) 225-4261Armed ServicesNatural Resources
2ndLuria, ElaineD534 CHOB(202) 225-4215Armed ServicesVeterans’ Affairs
3rdScott, Robert C.D1201 LHOB(202) 225-8351BudgetEducation and Labor
4thMcEachin, A. DonaldD314 CHOB(202) 225-6365Climate CrisisEnergy and CommerceNatural Resources
5thRiggleman, DenverR1022 LHOB(202) 225-4711Financial Services
6thCline, BenR1009 LHOB(202) 225-5431Education and LaborJudiciary
7thSpanberger, AbigailD1239 LHOB(202) 225-2815AgricultureForeign Affairs
8thBeyer, DonD1119 LHOB(202) 225-4376Science, Space, and TechnologyWays and Means
9thGriffith, MorganR2202 RHOB(202) 225-3861Climate CrisisEnergy and Commerce
10thWexton, JenniferD1217 LHOB(202) 225-5136Financial ServicesScience, Space, and Technology
11thConnolly, Gerald E. “Gerry”D2238 RHOB(202) 225-1492Foreign AffairsOversight and Reform


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stDelBene, SuzanD2330 RHOB(202) 225-6311Modernization of CongressWays and Means
2ndLarsen, RickD2113 RHOB(202) 225-2605Armed ServicesTransportation and Infrastructure
3rdHerrera Beutler, JaimeR2352 RHOB(202) 225-3536AppropriationsScience, Space, and Technology
4thNewhouse, DanR1414 LHOB(202) 225-5816AppropriationsModernization of Congress
5thRodgers, Cathy McMorrisR1035 LHOB(202) 225-2006Energy and Commerce
6thKilmer, DerekD1410 LHOB(202) 225-5916AppropriationsModernization of Congress
7thJayapal, PramilaD1510 LHOB(202) 225-3106BudgetEducation and LaborJudiciary
8thSchrier, KimD1123 LHOB(202) 225-7761AgricultureEducation and Labor
9thSmith, AdamD2264 RHOB(202) 225-8901Armed Services
10thHeck, DennyD2452 RHOB(202) 225-9740Financial ServicesIntelligence

West Virginia

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stMcKinley, DavidR2239 RHOB(202) 225-4172Energy and Commerce
2ndMooney, AlexR2440 RHOB(202) 225-2711Financial Services
3rdMiller, CarolR1605 LHOB(202) 225-3452Climate CrisisOversight and ReformTransportation and Infrastructure


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stSteil, BryanR1408 LHOB(202) 225-3031Financial Services
2ndPocan, MarkD1421 LHOB(202) 225-2906AppropriationsModernization of Congress
3rdKind, RonD1502 LHOB(202) 225-5506Ways and Means
4thMoore, GwenD2252 RHOB(202) 225-4572Ways and Means
5thSensenbrenner, F. JamesR2449 RHOB(202) 225-5101Foreign AffairsJudiciary
6thGrothman, GlennR1427 LHOB(202) 225-2476Education and LaborOversight and Reform
7thDuffy, Sean P. – VacancyR1714 LHOB(202) 225-3365
8thGallagher, MikeR1230 LHOB(202) 225-5665Armed ServicesTransportation and Infrastructure


DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeCheney, LizR416 CHOB(202) 225-2311Armed ServicesNatural Resources

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Patriots Defeat Globalists By Zack Mount Full Music Album
(Music Videos Without Zack Mount!)

Patriots Defeat Globalists By Zack Mount Full Music Album
(Music Videos Without Zack Mount!)

Patriots Defeat Globalists By Zack Mount Full Music Album
(Music Videos With Zack Mount In Music Videos!)

Patriots Defeat Globalists By Zack Mount Full Music Album
(Music Videos With Zack Mount In Music Videos!)

Zack Mount Official Music Videos Playlist!
from the Full Music Album, Patriots Defeat Globalists By Zack Mount

Zack Mount Official Music Videos Playlist!
from the Full Music Album, Patriots Defeat Globalists By Zack Mount

Individual Music Videos Each Below!

Dump Them Trump Haters By Zack Mount (Audio Mastered)
Dump Them Trump Haters By Zack Mount (Audio Mastered)
President Trump Prevails By Zack Mount
President Trump Prevails By Zack Mount
Satan Can’t Beat the Best
Trump Dip Dodge and Fly
500 Push Ups
Globalists Punished for Treason
Mainstream Media Lies By Zack Mount
Mainstream Media Lies By Zack Mount
Music Lasts Forever
We’re the Bad Guys
Stop The Censorship By Zack Mount